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20L Solar Heated Portable Camping Shower Bags

20L Solar Heated Portable Camping Shower Bags

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Searching for a "20L Solar Heated Portable Camping Shower Bag?"  Your search just ended because we have it right here in our store!  Yes, our products come with temperature control while the back temperature bar lets you know the water temperature and keeps it under control.  Awesome!
Our 20L Solar Heated Portable Camping Shower Bags" are designed with waterpipe fixed stickers along with a net pocket storage basket which can be used to store toiletries and personal belongings.  This product comes in three types:  Type A, Type B and Type C.  (See product specifications below).  All three types are capable of delivering on their intended purposes as all three are made of the finest quality material.  Perfect!
Don't delay! Before you go on your next camping trip, be sure to grab your 20L Portable Solar Power Heated Shower Bath Bag Outdoor Sports Camping Hiking Travel PVC Water Storage Bag before they are sold out!  Hurry!
Product Features:
Type A: 20L Portable Solar Power Heated Shower Bath Bag Outdoor Sports Camping Hiking Travel PVC Water Storage Bag
Product Features:
1. Temperature control at all times: the back temperature bar can let you know the water temperature and keep it under control.
2. Net pocket storage basket: the front net pocket storage basket can be used to place toiletries and personal belongings.
3. Waterpipe fixed sticker design.
1. When using the bath bag for the first time, use warm water and 1 tbsp of soda ash to clean the hot water bag.
2. Fill it with water, make it face the sun, let sunlight fully cast on it.
3. It can be used after being heated by the sun for 3 hours. (3 hours, the water temperature will reach about 30 ℃)
4. The warm water in the bath bag should not exceed 50 ℃, otherwise, it will affect the service life of the product.
5. Before using the bath bag, check the water temperature. If the temperature is too high, please add cold water to prevent burns.
6. Do not use it when drinking.
Main material: PVC
Color: Army Green
Size: 500x470x10mm/19.69x18.5x0.39in
Net weight: 450g
Capacity: 20L
Service time: After filling, continue to rinse for 8 minutes
Include: 1 X Solar Shower Bag
Type B: AOTU AT6628 20L Solar Power Water Storage Bag Outdoor Camping Hiking Portable Heating Shower Bathing Bags
Brand: AOTU
Model: AT6628
Material: Compound plaid + environmental protection PVC
Color: Blue, Grey, Army Green
Product size: bag (45x50cm/17.72x19.69in), pipe 50cm/19.69in (including nozzle)
Storage size: 30x12x4cm/11.81x4.72x1.57in
Weight: 430g
Capacity: 20L
Application: Camping, quadrangle, coach
Include: 1 X Shower Bag
               1 X Hose
               1 X Nozzle
               1 X Storage Net Bag
Type C: 20L Shower Bag PVC Portable Foldable Outdoor Solar Energy Heated Water Storage Bag for Camping Travel Climbing Hiking
1. Before first use, washing the shower bag with soda water.
2. Put brown color side up to absorb the sunshine.
3. The temperature of the water can change from 15.5℃ to 40.5℃ when heating for 3 hours.
4. 50℃ is the maximum temperature of the water.
5. Can't drink the water, when unused pour the water out.
Material: 6P environmental protection PVC
Colour: Black
Type: Backpack accessories
Size: 60*30cm/23.62*11.81"
Net weight: 315g
Application: Camping, travel
Include: 1 X 20L Shower Bag

Capacity: 20L
Weight: 450 g
Size: -
Material: PVC
Temperature Range: Under 50 ℃
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Solar shower bag: Hiking shower
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