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At Get The Gifts we closely monitor each & every Giveaway that we Promote!

While this process creates more work for us, we choose do this in order to ensure that all Giveaways are legitimate, and everyone on both sides of the Giveaway are Submitting & Entering fairly. 

However, anyone may Submitting a Free Giveaway!

There are LOADS of benefits to Submitting a Giveaway into the Get The Gifts ecosystem! While many of the benefits can be enjoyed simply by Submitting a Free Listing, the best way to reach Seriously HIGH Levels of Promotions, is to Boost Your Listing!

On average Boosted Submissions receive OVER 48x MORE Promotional Reach than Free Listings typically do!

Take a look at just some of the Benefits you will receive below... Or consider a Season or Yearly Pass to Receive UNLIMITED Boosted Giveaways!

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Everyone is FREE to Submit a Giveaway!

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With over 10,000+ Followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, & more.

Plus a 50,000+ Email & SMS Text List, we can curate a Custom Advertising Plan that will fit your Budget AND your Needs! 

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We LOVE Supporting other Small Businesses, and there are many ways we can make it work for both of us. If you have something you want us to Sell or Promote, just reach out to us for help getting started!

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"Working with Get The Gifts is WAY different than any other Affiliate Program I have Joined...
It's PERSONAL with them!

Real people you can chat & ask questions to. They actaully help you succeed! And everythings done on such a personal level."

- Mike H. (Cleveland, OH)

"When I did my first Campaign as an Influencer with Get The Gifts, I never thought I would still be working with them for this long now! Unlike most people I've worked with, they actaully gave me valuable guidance. While still allowing me to maintain full control of the Campaigns."

- Sarah M. (Los Angeles, CA)

"What I like most about working for Get The Gifts, is that they totally let me write articles about pretty much anything that I want!

Their attitude is great, and they really provide you with everything you need and more. Plus they'll reach out just to see if there's anything else they could do for you!"

- Elizabeth L. (Austin, TX)